About Us

ZANMODA is bringing true streetwear heritage to you anywhere you are, making coveted brands & sneakers from abroad accessible to our community. As a multibrand onlineshop our carefully selected portfolio covers traditional / authentic brands, as well as younger progressive / innovative ones.

Secondly, Zanmoda serves as a platform that embraces (sub) cultural exchange. Since streetwear never stood by itself, we have to take care of the world around it. Music, Art, Sports and Culture build our space of action. On the one hand we support local culture as it is, on the other, we enhance it with our own influences and projects. On the one hand our concept focuses specifically on our market, on the other we strive to compete with international top players in terms of quality, consistency and reputation.

Therefore we take hands on our work with the highest creative aspirations and an innovative, sometimes unconventional approach. In the midst of all this, we must not appear to construct this reputation and image, but stay authentic, no matter what. We are  the experts in streetwear and its origin. We know our work. We are opinion leaders. So we have to behave accordingly: confident, convinced and focused. 

Knowledge is power.Authenticity is key.